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Author Topic: Craig Meagaidh 9/1/16  (Read 1702 times)


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Craig Meagaidh 9/1/16
« on: 12 January 2016, 21:04 »
John, Lex and myself met in the car park. "Climb or ski?" was the question -"that corrie looks full!" so skiing was the answer. Where's the bridge? Saw a treecreeper. We decided to follow the track until it met the river further up. Two herds of deer ~50 of them. Headed up to Sron a Ghoire; the deer had gone by now but I could smell them. Windy and in cloud. Scoured and icy. Perhaps climbing was a better idea.
Walked along the ridge and traversed along the rim of Coire Chomharsan. It was sheltered behind the ridge. We found a gully containing soft snow over hard ice. Some very nice skiing -and some difficult "skiing". This was followed by heather skiing.
A golden eagle flew above us as we took our skis off.
Hiked down. Oh there's the bridge! Lex spotted ice crystals growing out of some damp wood; fibrous, very pretty.
I was glad to take my pack off.
Quote of the day: "Pussy will drag a man further than dynamite will blow him!"
Cheers guys!