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This report â?? being of no great shakes â?? is mainly for the benefit of Lex who is currently languishing in the sunny sands of Abu Dhabi and no doubt fretting about what he might or might not be missing out on.
The Sunday papers told me that there were thirty-seven members of rescue teams from such places as Skye, Dundonnell, Glencoe and of course Lochaber â?? plus three SAR dogs â?? out on the Ben on Saturday. It seemed to John MacLeod and me that most of them were congregated at the foot of Gemini as we arrived there at the back of seven on a beautiful blue sky Ben Nevis morning. OK, so in reality there were only two teams of three there â?? one already on the route â?? but it was disappointing after rising from our beds at 4.30 a.m.
So it was to be plan B again. I guess Ganesh [see the  photo below of one of his mates â?? the one on the left] â?? must have been smiling down on me once more â??as Iâ??ve never climbed any VI / 6 routes before and I have to admit to feeling more than a little intimidated â?? even with the bold John as leader. In fact Ganesh let me off the hook [the hook â?? get it] more than once on Saturday morning. I must remember to give him an extra portion of rice on my next offering to him.
Plan B was Mega Route X! So off we went up to Trident Buttress to give that a go. The ice was a bit thicker than ten days ago but not much and although UK Climbing records a couple of ascents, the ice was still a bit too thin on the start even for the bold John.
Plan C then. Back â??round to Gemini to see if things had quietened down. But no, still a good few people milling about â?? one team going for Waterfall gully. So now we are off the plans altogether.
In the end we go further round towards The Shroud area where there are such things as Boomers Requiem and one or two other grade IVâ??s and Vâ??s. Even Boomers has a queue so we settle for Harrisons Climb Direct IV / 4 and a bit of an esoteric option. This starts at the same place as The Shroud which we get a good look at it as we contour â??round. Itâ??s there â?? complete with its astounding free standing ice pillar which has taken on a strange twist and looks like a gigantic piece of barley sugar only glistening blue green instead of orange. It looks so steep and so sustained [and so intimidating]. Iâ??m a little surprised but extremely thankful that John thinks that too.
Harrisons goes relatively straightforwardly although it's no 'gimme' as there is still some cruddy ice about plus deep unconsolidated snow. One good thing is I get to swing the leads and get one ice pitch which is steep enough â?? for me anyway. And as Maurice would say â?? a day on The Ben is never wasted â?? especially a blue sky one.
We end up over on Ledge Route once more and descend onto a sunny platform where we take lunch. After that itâ??s the long trek back to the North Face car park â?? but in the warm sun in the lower reaches and with the beautiful brown and white hills all around and accompanied by the pleasant glow of satisfaction.

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