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Ballachulish Horseshoe.


With a fine forecast for Sunday and lack of climbing partner the Ballachulish horseshoe seemed like a good option. The bus dropped me off at 8:15 and before long I was on the NE ridge of Sgorr Bhan an interesting route not without interest especially if you stick to the crest. The rest of the round was fun and relatively good conditions, rather than returning to the col between Sgorr Dhearg and Sgorr Dhonuill which is more popular I carried on over the top of Sgorr Dhonuill and eventually found a gully to get me down into the coire. Tree felling in the glen didn't hamper the descent to the forest track too much and a pleasant walk down Gleann a Chaolaish made for a nice finish to the hike. The walk back along the A82 to complete the circuit was a little damp as the weather had deteriorated as I made my way down but for the most part the weather had been excellent. I had a half hour to kill before my bus so took the opportunity to visit the quarry worth a look there is also a 2 km forest walk leaving the quarry.
Tony B.

Peter Duggan:

--- Quote from: bartony800 on  7 March 2016, 18:49 ---With a fine forecast for Sunday

--- End quote ---

I was up Beinn Resipol and didn't see a thing (hills looked good when I left the house, but then clag with light drizzle/snow showers most of the day).

geoff h:
Had a couple hours on Nevis range, but very busy & clagged in during the afternoon.


John Workman:
You guys - clagged in ? - you don't know how lucky you were. I was languishing in Penrith packing away mounds of stuff from my family's home which is up for sale.  Dooh.

The 'Schoolhouse Ridge' on Sgorr Bhan is good isn't it.

I felt quite fortunate, the poor weather you were experiencing Pete was clearly visible but was extremely slow moving. The summits all around me were disappearing into the cloud but somehow the hills I were on remained clear whilst I was up there.
As far as the Schoolhouse Ridge it felt trickier than ledge route to me.
Tony B.


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