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Any climbers out there?

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John Workman:

I'm beginning to suffer from a lack of people to climb with [along with many other ailments but you don't want to know about them].

So is there anyone out there that I can join up with for indoors / outdoors?

We are away to the Picos on Saturday for a couple of weeks but planning ahead.


In the same boat if you don't mind providing the transport I am happy to cover fuel costs. Tony B.

Phill T:
Hi John,

We are just back from 2 weeks in Sunny Cornwall, it was great climbing.

Lucy and I are nearly always at the 3 wise monkeys on a Monday and Thursday nights as a rule and try to climb between finishing Munros, hopefully this year.

Happy to head out any time but during the week dosen't work for me.

We will try to make more of an effort to get people out too, weekends have been ambushed by many things so we are have one free weekend tip mid September !

Enjoy your holiday


John Workman:
Tony, Phil, Lucy.

Good to hear from you.

Just a matter of hooking up then.

Thursday evenings no good for me. Monday evenings noted.

I'll post on here when planning - indoors or outdoors. Its often a bit of a last minute decision based on weather etc.

Might be after the hols now.


Phill T:
We are guilty as charged for planning and not including the club.
Many trips have been coupled with family stuff (ageing parents) so not really helpful and climbing is s bolt on.

Maybe we should all make an effort and post if we are going out, sure we do a fair bit.



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