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How the Logbook works (please read this first!)


Peter Duggan:
When the Home Page feed gets set up, the most recent post subjects (typically climb names) are going to appear as links from the Home Page back to the posts. So let's suppose you're Harold Raeburn and want to tell us about Green Gully, a nice, terse subject line like 'Green Gully' is quite sufficient (and will make a neater link), with your username and post date being automatically added to the feed to create something like:

Green Gully by Harold Raeburn, 1 January 2015

No need to put 22 April 1906 in the subject line because you can tell us that in the post, but please feel free to attach photos or upload them to the new Gallery and link to them!

Please note also that this board has a custom permission set allowing anyone to read but only Club Members to post.

Peter Duggan:
You can now access the Logbook posting form directly from the Club home page when logged in.

John Workman:
Having just read Pete's instructions on how to use the Log Book Forum I think 'we' may be guilty of misuse, albeit unintentional. If I understand correctly this forum is for use by Harold Raeburn and his contemporaries? [only joking Pete].

I think we are supposed to post here on routes we've done so they can be recorded in some way? Sorry if we are barking up the wrong tree Pete. In my defence I can only say that I was following  Barton's lead [yr honour].

Peter Duggan:

--- Quote from: John Workman on 24 March 2015, 14:00 ---I think we are supposed to post here on routes we've done so they can be recorded in some way?

--- End quote ---

Yes, that was the broad idea, but remember I'm effectively just the facilitator here when the Logbook was introduced by request and what it's for will ultimately depend at least partially on how it gets used. So, sure, the original idea was a route log, but time will tell what's appropriate here and what should be posted elsewhere.

On a related note, I'm still planning to get it themed sometime to make it look more distinct (like a 'logbook'!), but not imminently. And, on another, this topic will now be showing on the Home Page under 'Latest logbook entries', so is likely to get merged with the sticky instructions tonight to take it back off there!


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